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Class Policy - Assignments

  1. All assignments are due on the date(s) as indicated.

  2. Late assignments may be accepted but will have appropriate grade reductions depending on when they were received.

  3. All assignments MUST have the appropriate cover page.

  4. All assignments MUST include the instruction and/or question as well as the complete answer. For multiple choice questions, the wrong choices need not be included but the letter designator does not constitute a complete answer.

  5. Assignments are to be electronically transmitted as attachments via e-mail. See E-mail Policy for further instructions.

  6. All e-mails are to be sent to Silvino.Ferreira@bristolcc.edu

  7. The only acceptable file formats for these attachments are as follows: Please note that PDF Reader is NOT a valid format.

  8. The attached document name format is NnnnF_###.ext
    • Nnnn  is your last name or for lab assignments, the team name.
      F is your first initial or none for lab assignments.
      ### is the assignment number as listed on the web site.
      ext is the extension normally used by the application.

  9. It is the student's responsibility to keep all returned assignments for the purpose of validating completion and the grade given.

  10. It is the student's responsibility to know what has been assigned and when it is due.

  11. Plagiarism is not allowed. Citations are required for any information that is not your own. Use the MLA format for all citations. See the course syllabus for the complete policy and penalties.

Document Name Examples
  • Assignment

  • Project Assignment

  • Team Assignments

  • Writing Files