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Class Policy - E-Mail

  1. All e-mails are to be sent to Silvino.Ferreira@bristolcc.edu

  2. All e-mails MUST have a subject or they will be discarded.

  3. All e-mail subjects MUST be in the format ?????? ### where
    • ?????? is the course number(all caps) as listed on the web site
    • ### is the assignment number as listed on my web site or the word Help

  4. All e-mails MUST be signed by having the student's name in the message area.

Email Subject Examples
  • Assignment
      CIS132 A01

  • Help or Message
      CIT150 Help

  • Lab Assignment
      CIS234 L01

  • Programming / Scripting Assignments
      CIT150 P01

  • Writing Assignments
      CIT150 W01