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Class Policy - Lab Assignments

  1. Lab assignment documents will follow the normal Assignment Policy except as listed.

  2. Lab assignments are not considered complete until the lab activities have been verified in the lab, documented and submitted to the instructor.

  3. Late lab assignments may be accepted but will have appropriate grade reductions depending on when they were received.

  4. All written assignments must have a cover page. The cover page whose format is described below, is the first page of your document and must contain the following:
    • The team or student's name
    • The date the lab assignment was completed.
    • The course number and name.
    • The name of each member of the team if a team lab.
    • The lab assignment number as indicated on the web site.
    • The date the lab assignment was due as indicated on the web site.
    • The lab assignment description as indicated on the course web site.
    • The date the lab was checked.
    • The name of the person who checked the lab.

  5. All lab assignments must also include the following sections if applicable:
    • Log of each activity with the following information:
      • Date of Activity
      • Time taken to complete
      • Activity Description
      • Any problems encountered and how they were resolved.

    • Component List with the following information where applicable:
      • Vendor
      • Model
      • Type of Component
      • Setting
      • Drivers

    • Tests performed to validate completion. Include as needed:
      • Date performed
      • Description of what was being tested.
      • Process used
      • Results of the Test.

    • Conclusion and / or summary of what was learned.

Cover Page Format
Team or Student Name
Date Completed

Course Number - Course Name

Team Members: Name, Name
Assignment Number: ###
Assignment: description
Date Due: date
Date Checked: date
Checked by: tutors name

Cover Page Format
CIS Team One
April 14, 2016

CIS271 - Network Installation and Configuration

Team Members: Mary Adams, John Smith
Assignment Number: L99
Assignment: Configure routers
Date Due: April 15, 2016
Date Checked: April 14, 2016
Checked by: Dr. A. Devine